Made for Urban Nomads

Travelling is our escape. Lost somewhere between urbanity and wilderness. Y Bags is our answer to take you anywhere, from concrete corporate life to unexpected adventures.

A few years back, we joked about making a baby bag between a suitcase and a backpack. We took that idea and brought it to life by sewing few prototypes with the help of local artisans in East London. We took these self-made bags on numerous adventures. They didn't look great at first but were already very practical.


Designed by our travel experiences

We improved the design step by step over the years. We kept searching for the best material. In Summer 2018, we finally decided to launch our first product, the Y Travel Backpack, on Kickstarter.

45 days later and a successful campaign, Y Bags was officially born.

We are currently developing new bags with the same motto: MINIMAL, STRONG, UNBRANDED.

Stay tuned.